Scott A. Volyn

Residents in Chelan County looking for a Wenatchee attorney want someone who knows the community and its neighborhoods. They want someone they can trust who will treat them as a member of the family instead of a number. Today, large law firms take on clients and treat them in assembly line fashion. Attorney Scott Volyn lived and worked in that atmosphere for over 15 years.

It was through watching how his colleagues treated their clients he learned realized what type of lawyer he wanted to be. He didn’t want his clients to look at him and see someone who filed a few papers and then charged them exorbitant fees for minimal service. Instead, he wanted to be the Wenatchee attorney who took pride in each case and did everything possible to make sure his clients received his undivided attention.

Choosing a Chelan County Attorney

When choosing a Chelan County attorney, you want someone who knows and understands the unique situations that can arise during an individual case. Whether it is family law, divorce or a personal injury case, you want an attorney who will work with you on a personal level, utilizing a team approach and partnering with each client. Scott Volyn treats every client the same. His hands on approach is his way of showing them he is there to guide them through the process and will put every effort possible to achieve their objective. If it is personal to his clients, then it is personal to him.

Attorney Scott Volyn

At the Volyn Law Firm, Scott Volyn and his staff have the experience to face almost any case. When Volyn opened his own law firm, he knew that the breadth of his personal and professional experiences would serve him well as he took on new cases. He is a university professor and a theology student. He is a father and husband who understandsthe value of family. As a highly trained family law attorney, he knows how to take his past experiences and use them to gain the advantage in court.

In his many years as a Chelan County attorney, Volyn has learned that although each case is different, there is something within the matrix of each one he can learn from. He has learned to take each case on its own merit and tailor a strategy intended to succeed. Each case he takes on helps him to further hone his skills and gain the experience and knowledge he needs so he can give his clients the most sound, legal advice possible.

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